When we come together to create, first of all we train, play and dance.


When we create, the work always balances on the edge – of the strange, the messy, the absurd and the chaotic. We work with movement, sound, costume and objects. We compose intricate stage images. We write texts and create complex dramaturgies.


When we create, we work playfully and thrive in the ridiculous. Starting from a spontaneous place of physical improvisation, we are unafraid to make work that is unconventional, challenging and honest.


When we create, we do not offer linear narratives or give straightforward answers. Instead, we compose our performances like artworks. We piece together visceral images, texts and stories, with feminist undertones subtly embedded within.


When we present work, we offer something different because we create for the sheer joy of it which can be challenging in the current cultural and political climate. We invite the audience to step into the unknown with us.


photo: Hannah Newman