Mr Jordan’s Funeral

“Mr Jordan, a loving husband, brother, dickhead, lover, father, mumbler and ghost. Six women pick up his fragments and create stories by slipping through the cracks of memory. It’s not about him after all. A physical exploration that uses daring imagery, energetic performances and messy yet vulnerable moments to turn the conventions of a funeral upside down.”
photo: Larah Simpson

Devised between 2015-2016, the performance was presented in Summer Arts Festival (University of Kent, Canterbury), Brighton Fringe Festival and Camden Fringe Festival.

Mr Jordan’s Funeral: In Absence of His Memory is a poetic re-imagining of death and memories one leaves behind – told by six women who gather at the funeral.

We embody a fictional space that reflects our understanding of memory and remembrance: both a psychic landscape and an actual event permeated with inverted rules, clicking cups, strawberry-juice-infused sexual fantasies, childhood memories, outrageous dancing and hallucinations of a crime committed a long time ago. Without a linear narrative structure, the performance is composed out of separate scenes that fuse physical movement, evocative imagery, recycled soundscapes (Your Hand in Mine ‘Foreword’; Igorrr ‘Tendon’; Baccara ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’) and recycled fragments of text (Charles Mee’s ‘The House of Cards’; Your Hand in Mine ‘The Garden Novels’; original writing by Mara M Minchillo). The scenes are then tied together through the idea of a bale of memories one leaves behind: distant voices from the past and present that accidentally slip through the cracks of memory.

Performance Trailer can be found HERE

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Photos: Nickolai D. Nickolov