Training and Workshops

All our creative processes involve rigorous physical, vocal and ensemble training. We believe that performer training is an integral part of creativity in contemporary theatre. Training also allows us to meet and, most importantly, reconnect with each other which is crucial to our work, especially after a longer time of separation.

The training is led by Judita Vivas and stems from Grotowski, Decroux, Viewpoints and the company’s connection to DUENDE, with special attention to physical and vocal imagination, presence and ensemble listening.


Foxtale Ensemble’s training builds on:

  • Jerzy Grotowski’s approach to physical and vocal work of the actor. We work with impulse and response, simple physical and vocal actions, their repetition and their gradual development into more complex scores. This improves not only our agility and flexibility as performers, but also expands our physical and vocal imaginations.
  • Etienne Decroux and his corporeal mime which has inspired us to always work with precision and attention to even the smallest of actions or movements we make. We always keep in mind that in performance everything is visible, everything requires your utmost attention, and the clarity of physical or vocal actions brings about the clarity of thought, of the idea we wish to communicate to our audiences.
  • Viewpoints, especially their attention to: 1. the shapes and patterns we create when we move around, improvise and interact with one another 2. the performance space and the performer’s environment, how we position ourselves in this environment, how we interact with it, are influenced and inspired by it. How the simplest spatial positioning can bring about the deepest of emotions.
  • Duende Ensemble’s methodology and the emphasis on ensemble in theatre: the importance of the listening, co-creating, collaboration and co-existence of a group of people who find themselves together in the same space. The limitless creative possibility of ensemble.
  • Playfulness. Not only the joyous moving, responding, smiling and clowning together, but also a much deeper playfulness, the playfulness that, at times, becomes serious, or challenging, or reaches into the utmost depths of our soul.

We offer performer training workshops in the UK and Europe – please get in touch for further details and rates!!!